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The Boundless Heart and Loving the Self:

The Somatic Practice of Bodhicitta

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Through the somatic practice of bodhicitta, we come to know our natural state and discover that it is utterly open, filled with luminosity and the energy of awareness. Here we access the most fundamental love welling up within us, longing to be offered to the world.

September 19 – December 4 

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Awaken Your Heart and Engage the Sacred Within.

The Boundless Heart and Loving the Self online course guides students into the third yana, dedicated to awakening our hearts. 

This bodhicitta course explores ultimate bodhicitta⁠ (the fundamental, eternal, infinite openness of the heart) and maitri, or loving-kindness, toward oneself. A somatic understanding of the ultimate and an ability to appreciate the sacredness of our own being are essential in order to love others and to be of benefit to the world.

Boundless Heart is the third online course in the Dharma Ocean Foundation Series. It offers experiential training in the core somatic teachings and practices of this lineage. These Foundation Courses are designed to be incremental, with each course building on the practices of the previous ones. In order to get the most of out this program, participants are required to have taken the online courses Awakening the Body and The Somatic Practice of Pure Awareness, or to have gained experience of the practices taught in these courses by attending corresponding Dharma Ocean residential retreats.

Completion of the  Meditating with the Body residential retreat may be used to fulfill the Awakening the Body pre-requisite. Completion of our online course Sutrayana Part I, or the Winter Meditation Intensive residential retreat, or another practice intensive focusing on the somatic practice of pure awareness may be used to fulfill The Somatic Practice of Pure Awareness pre-requisite.

Watch an introduction to the course with Reggie Ray and Caroline Pfohl. 

Course Features

Weekly Video Teachings

10 weekly units of hour-long video teachings by Reggie Ray and Caroline Pfohl.

Online Q & A

Send questions to a trained meditation instructor for guidance on your practice.

Weekly Video Calls

Join weekly live video calls for teachings and Q&A with a Dharma Ocean teacher.

Downloadable Content

Download all teachings and guided meditations for later access and use.

Guided Audio Meditations

10 unique meditations that correlate with each unit’s teaching.

Study Questions

Supplemental materials to support your learning and deepen your practice.

Teaching & Guided Practice with Dr. Reggie Ray & Caroline Pfohl

Dr. Reginald “Reggie” Ray is the co-founder and Spiritual Director of the Dharma Ocean Foundation, dedicated to the evolution and flowering of the somatic teachings of Tibetan Tantra. He is a lineage holder in the tradition of Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche. The author of many books, audio courses, and online series, Reggie’s work and teachings draw from his background as a Buddhist academic and practitioner. He holds a Ph.D. from the Divinity School of the University of Chicago in History of Religions. Reggie cofounded the Religious Studies program at Naropa University with Chgyam Trungpa, where he taught for over 30 years. 

Reggie remains engaged in the transmission of this lineage through his involvement with Dharma Ocean students, the creation of new offerings such as this course, and in his lifelong work as a student and as a teacher. 

Caroline Pfohl is the lineage successor of the  Dharma Ocean lineage. Her spiritual journey has included three decades of study and practice in Chan, Taoism, and Tibetan Buddhism.  Within Dharma Ocean, she holds the role of Desung (Protector of Joy), and drawing on lifelong work in educating and healing, she takes the lead in bringing somatic meditation into the arenas of mentoring, relationships, family, well-being, and the arts. In addition to Dharma Ocean, Caroline also currently leads the Hemera Foundation, dedicated to supporting contemplative views and practices and their integration into ordinary life. It focuses on dharma and secular education, children, and the arts.

Weekly Live Calls with Skye LaChute

Skye LaChute has been studying and practicing with Reggie Ray since 2002 and is the senior teacher for Dharma Ocean Seattle. The somatic meditation practices have had a profound and healing impact on her life and work. As a naturopathic physician, Skye’s passion is helping people discover the healing power of nature: the innate nature of wisdom, sacredness, and well-being already available within their own bodies. Both personally and professionally, she has discovered that the journey to health and healing is found within the body, discovering its true nature and supporting its vitality, rather than trying to escape or suppress discomfort and unease.

A Course Integrated Into Your Daily Life

Boundless Heart and Loving the Self is designed for “householders”—for those of us who have chosen to engage in a spiritual path inside of careers, families, and the great stressors (and great opportunities) provided by living in the world, as it is. This program teaches techniques that are meant to be integrated into your daily life and help you establish a committed practice at home.

Support From a Trained Senior Teacher

Dharma Ocean senior teachers have a longstanding commitment to the Dharma Ocean path and lineage. As practitioners, they are committed to their personal practice and complete many weeks of residential and solitary retreat before being trained and authorized to teach. Many have been students of Reggie’s for 10 years or more, and all have thousands of hours of active meditation training and practice.

Course Curriculum

Each week, a new talk and new guided practice from Reggie and Caroline are released. 

Unit 1


Mahayana – Vast and Profound

Guided Practice

Exploring the Territory of the Heart

Unit 3


Rousing Bodhicitta

Guided Practice

Central Channel

Unit 5


Pointing Out and Working with Obstacles

Guided Practice

Breathing the Fire Up from the Depths

Unit 7


Working with Obstacles

Guided Practice

Maitri – 10-Points Practice

Unit 9

Guided practice 1

Maitri for a Moment In Your Life

guided practice 2

Maitri with a Traumatized Aspect of Ourselves

Unit 2


Aspects of the Heart

Guided Practice

Yin Breathing

Unit 4


Resolving Karma: Trauma and Bodhicitta

Guided Practice

Thousand Petal Lotus

Unit 6


Three Aspects of the Ultimate Bodhicitta

Guided Practice

Love without Object

Unit 8


Working with Personal Trauma

Guided Practice

Maitri for a Part of Yourself

Unit 10


Life Without Concept

Guided Practice

The Bodhicitta Body

Proposed Boundless Heart Video Call Schedule

Fri 27 Sept – 6p MT AND Sat 28 Sept – 10a MT (beginning of Week 2)
Wed 2 Oct – 1p MT (and of Week 2)
Wed 9 Oct – 6p MT (end of Week 3)
Fri 18 Oct – 6p MT AND Sat 19 Oct – 10a MT (early Week 5)
Wed 30 Oct – 1p MT AND 6p MT (end of week 6)
Sat 9 Nov – 1p MT Live Call with Reggie Ray
Fri 15 Nov – 6p MT AND Sat 16 Nov 10a MT (early Week 9)
Fri 22 Nov – 6p MT AND Sat 23 Nov 10a MT (early Week 10)
Fri 22 Dec at 6p MT AND Sat 7 Dec  at 10a MT (end of Week 11)
These call times may be subject to change. Dharma Ocean will inform students within the course platform of any changes. 

An Invitation and Course Preview From Reggie Ray

In this video, Reggie describes the course, how it fits into the larger Foundations Series, and how we can be together as an online community as we explore bodhicitta—the awakened heart.

This course runs from September 19, 2019, to December 4, 2019. The Boundless Heart and Loving the Self is the third course in our Foundation Series. Prerequisites for this course are Awakening the Body and The Somatic Practice of Pure Awareness. Find out more about our foundational series here

Scholarship Information

If you currently have financial hardship and find the cost of this program prohibitive, prior to registration please complete a financial aid application.


If you have questions, please reach out to us: 303-955-2574 or